[Remote Sensing] Special Issue Call for Paper

AI-Based Remote Sensing Oceanography

[Remote Sensing] Special Issue Call for Paper

AI-Based Remote Sensing Oceanography

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Ocean remote sensing is a research area that has undergone tremendous development in the past few decades. Much research has led to the operational implementation of many scientific algorithms to generate geoscience products that support the general public. The rapid development of satellites and sensors has caused a dramatic increase in both the amount and diversity of ocean remote sensing data, and such data requires extensive analysis and powerful technology to be understood. In the past few years, artificial intelligent (AI) technology has been widely used in many research fields for big data information mining and shown great potential in computer vision, natural language processing, and bioinformatics, among others. The number of AI-related papers has increased exponentially.

In order to consolidate the papers within the scope of AI applications in oceanography, this Special Issue on “AI-Based Remote Sensing Oceanography” will focus on the following four major disciplines:

  1. AI-based remote sensing image CLASSIFCATION (oil, ship, coastal zone, inundation, harmful algal bloom, cloud, eddy, internal wave, etc.)
  2. AI-based remote sensing data FUSION (altimeter, scatterometer, radiometer, hyperspectral, aerial photos, etc.)
  3. AI-based remote sensing ALGORITHM development (sea surface temperature, ocean color, wind, wave, dynamic topography, sea ice, etc.)
  4. AI-based ocean and marine meteorology FORECAST (sea surface temperature, storm, etc.)

We would like to invite articles on ocean-related studies using state-of-the-art AI techniques.

All submitted manuscripts will go through a peer review process. We look forward to receiving your submissions in this booming area of research.

Dr. Xiaofeng Li, Dr. Gang Zheng, Dr. Bin Liu

Guest Editors


  • AI
  • Remote sensing
  • Oceanography
  • Coastal zone
  • Marine meteorology

Published Papers: This special issue is now open for submission.

For more information, please check: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/remotesensing/special_issues/AI_ocean